Outdoor or Out of Home advertising is the channel of speaking in the most effective way to consumers outside their home. We all as consumers are attracted to an advertisement only if it’s speaking to us and anything we recall is the result of the impact of it.

OOH, advertising has mostly four formats- Billboards, Street, Transit & Alternative and it’s very important to understand the distinction among each of them.

The “Billboard” format includes Posters and Displays. Most of the signs in this segment are targeted mostly at street and highway traffic, although pedestrians and building occupants certainly view them too.

“Street Furniture” includes bus benches, bus shelters, newsstands & news racks, public telephones, shopping malls, and in-store. This is certainly a very vast array of ad media, but they all share few characteristics: they tend to be smaller than billboards and many are seen by pedestrians rather than motor traffic.

The title “Transit” includes busses, subway, rail, airports, truck side, and taxis. It is highly focussed on the consumers that travel.

“Alternative Outdoor” covers a broad range of advertising that offers micro-targeted coverage anywhere and does not fit into other categories. This segment includes stadiums, lift of a building, a chair in a beauty salon, recreational resorts, rest areas, parking meters, gas pumps and bike racks.

The thread connecting all of the media is that the target consumer is not at home watching TV, reading magazines or the newspaper, or connected to the Internet.

Since the average time an individual gets to notice an outdoor ad is – 5seconds. So, OOH can only be effective if we understand few things rightly:




Times are changing and so is the medium to communicate and in last few years we have been the audience to the digital revolution which has introduced new characters in the story like Kiosks, Digital Signage, independently addressable screens, and jumbotrons. These have helped in increasing the engagement of audience and effectiveness of the messages.

The advertising industry and medium of communication are evolving and we should be prepared with our best to be able to walk alongside those evolutions.


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